The original «tube»-product! At the beginning of our success story was a belt. This fashionable assescoire can be ordered as model «STREET» with a 40mm wide belt buckle and as model «RACE» with a 35mm wide belt buckle. Also we are planning the model «DOWNHILL» with a 45mm wide belt buckle. With this version you can tighten your belt even in an economic downturn.

Our bike tube are personally collected from bike dealers and sorted by size and condition. 99% of all tubes are black, but we also have found tubes in the colours orange and blue for our range of products. These unique and very rare products are more expensive but have also a higher collectors value. At the black belts we have two versions: «Patch» and «Blowout» with which our products are branded. The more rare – the more exclusive.

Our high-quality buckles are especially manufactured for «tube». Material and form are unique. Order your original tube-belt right away. Wear a black belt like a karate master.

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